Baptist Colleges

Ambassador Baptist College – Thank you for considering Ambassador Baptist College! Because of our focus on preparing for the ministry, we realize that Ambassador is not for everyone. If you have been called to the ministry or would like to get a solid Bible foundation, then ABC may be the place for you.

Baptist College Of America – B.C.A. is a ministry of the Temple Baptist Church of Kokomo, Indiana, which is without apology an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church!

Commonwealth Baptist College – The faculty of Commonwealth Baptist College is comprised of people who have been and are involved in the work of God through the local church. They are chosen to teach based upon their qualifications, their experience, and their spirit.?

The Crown College – Because Crown College is a ministry of the Temple Baptist Church, students?have the opportunity to receive practical experience in a variety of local church ministries.?Pastor Sexton?s vision is to prepare men and women to evangelize the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ in this generation.

Fairhaven Baptist College – The history of Fairhaven Baptist College is inseparably linked to Fairhaven Baptist Church, which was itself founded in 1970 by Pastor Roger Voegtlin.

Golden State Baptist College – Is a ministry of North Valley Baptist Church of Santa Clara, California. The church was established in 1975 with a small band of seventy-five people. In 1976, Dr. Jack Trieber was called to pastor this work. God has greatly blessed this ministry, which now averages nearly 3,000 a week in attendance.

Grace Baptist College – In May of 1986, five families and Dr. Jon Jenkins founded the Grace Baptist Church of Gaylord, Michigan. The heartbeat of the founding families was to have a blend of conservative fundamentalism, Bible standards and convictions,strong soul winning, and genuine Bible compassion.

Hyles-Anderson College – We are fundamentalists and use the term proudly. We believe in a literal Hell which has fire and brimstone and a literal Heaven with streets of gold. We stand for the King James Bible as the only Bible and the local New Testament church as the only true church.

Midwestern Baptist College – Midwestern seeks to prepare its graduates in areas of Biblical scholarship with emphasis on personal evangelism.? It seeks to build social maturity through college activities in music, drama, sports, and societies.

Oklahoma Baptist College – Oklahoma Baptist Institute was incorporated on November 2, 1972. The original purpose, as stated in the constitution, was to prove a high standard of Biblical training with an emphasis on evangelism and missions.

Providence Baptist College – Is an independent, fundamental, Baptist college. Seeing a need and sensing Gods call for a distinctive Bible college dedicated to training young people for full-time service in independent Baptist churches and ministries around the world.

Shawnee Baptist College – Believes the Bible literally. It is the standard of faith and practice. SBC expects a student to obey the Word, to display godly character, and to exercise self-discipline.

Virginia Baptist College – In accordance with our mission statement, our purpose is to aid local churches in their task of equipping Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. God has graciously gathered a dedicated and qualified faculty to equip believers to do the work of the ministry.

West Coast Baptist College – The Christian life is enjoyed most when there is a proper balance. Students come to West Coast to receive an education and to be trained in a local church setting with continuous opportunities to serve the Lord.